Standing Committees & Functions

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for all assets and funds of the organization. It identifies and develops all appropriate funding sources, organizes and administers activities that will raise funds to facilitate the purpose of ADIHA. The Finance Committee also submits an annual budget to the executive committee at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Program Committee

The Program Committee organizes all national events and programs of ADIHA. It sets up and implements national events recommended in writing by members and authorized by the Executive Board. It implements national programs that support the mission of ADIHA, identifies other organizations for purpose of collaboration and/or support. It ensures a successful and productive National Conference on an annual basis.

Information Committee

The Information Committee is responsible for all internal and external publications including the organization’s website, leaflets, brochures, newsletters or any form of press release. It compiles and edits technical, scientific and other materials proposed for publication. It provides information to the general public or any group in conformity with the rules governing such actions. It purchases engineering and technical materials such as books or any tools for projects and studies undertaken by ADIHA. The Information Committee makes all documents available upon request to members of the Association and keeps its library functioning.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee engages in the recruitment of ADIHA members. It compiles membership statistics and makes them available to the Executive Board. The Membership Committee conducts periodic surveys to determine the interests of the members, engages in active research, development, and implementation of membership benefits and incentives, evaluates and recommends membership fee structures periodically. In addition, it identifies potential chapters to charter and provides established chapters all information needed to function properly, both nationally and internationally.

Project Planning Committee

The Project Planning Committee identifies projects for participation by ADIHA members. It assists in the development of all ADIHA projects, performs feasibility studies of all projects undertaken by ADIHA, develops project guidelines to assess projects’ success, maintains a database of the past and current projects undertaken by ADIHA, and manages the various Interest Groups.